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Spanish Uncovered "VIP"

Spanish Uncovered "VIP" option, with unlimited coaching sessions for a personalised, stress-free and effective path to intermediate Spanish.
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(Prices in USD. One-time payment.) 
Here's What You'll Get:
  • Spanish Uncovered - The Complete Programme. Learn Spanish through the power of story and begin the next chapter of your life with Spanish at the centre!
Unlimited Coaching:
  • Focus on one path of study, and stick to it for as long as you need to successfully learn Spanish! Say goodbye to hours thinking about what to study, and discover the simplest, most direct path to success with Spanish.  
  • Expert insight into your personal “sticking points”. Quickly discover your own personal language weaknesses...and stop them in their tracks! Enjoy the feeling of confidence when you learn to “unblock” yourself and get back to the business of improving your Spanish! 
  • Reclaim levels of motivation you haven’t seen since your first Spanish class! With your new confidence over how to improve your Spanish, you’ll feel sky-high levels of motivation. When you stop second-guessing yourself, have confidence that you’re studying the right way, and start seeing real gains in your language skills, you’ll be able finally relax and enjoy your study.
  • Accountability with a real person, who expects you to get your studying done! With a coach on your side, you’ll feel compelled to do what you’ve agreed to, work hard to follow the plan and avoid excuses at all costs! Work with your coach to fit your Spanish study into an effortless part of your daily routine, and the reactions of your Spanish-speaking friends when they see your Spanish getting as strong after its daily workout at the “language gym”!

"I'm finally able to enjoy spending time with my wife and friends in Spanish... and it's only been 6 weeks since we started!" - Jeremy

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