Struggling to learn a new language?
How To Start Speaking Your Target Language With Native Speakers Today And Become Fluent 5x Faster!
A step-by-step guide to finding native speakers to talk to (wherever you are), holding your first conversations, and becoming a confident speaker of your target language.
  •   Would you like to start speaking your target language...for real?
  •  Would you like to know where to find good speaking partners?
  •  Would you like to know how to have productive conversations, without fear of making mistakes or looking stupid?
I Know What It's Like
I know what it’s like to desperately want to speak a foreign language fluently, but to be confused about how to go about it. I've been through times when I've had that genuine passion to learn, but just didn't know how.

Through learning 7 foreign languages, I've learnt how much the language-learning process actually relies on speaking. You can study with books and CDs all day long, but until you actually start speaking with real people, you're never going to get any closer to speaking fluently.

The simple process covered in this guide teaches you step-by-step exactly how to start speaking with native speakers. It doesn't matter where you live, what language you're learning, or even if you're a complete beginner. You'll have your first conversation within a week, and be on the way to becoming fluent in months rather than years.
"I have made HUGE progress with Spanish because of what I have learned from you. YOU are the reason why I bit the bullet and started conversations (now up to 2 per week and about to be 3 per week). Since my "Why" is to speak, it is really working for me. Couldn't be better. Amazed at my progress."
- Susan Reed, Boston, MA
To become fluent in a foreign language you need to speak it. I've written The Conversation Kickstarter to help you start doing this right away.

The 30-page guide will show you step-by-step how to start speaking with real people, even as a beginner. You'll also learn how to get over the anxiety that's holding you back.

It's a long road to becoming fluent, but take the first step today and in my experience you can expect to become fluent in your target language as much as five times faster than otherwise.
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  • Quickly and easily find native speakers to talk to
  • Start talking right away, even as a beginner, with my 3 fail-proof step-by-step formulas for your first conversation
  • Learn how to deal with shyness and fears of making mistakes
  • Grow your confidence and make the language a genuine part of your life
How To Start Speaking With Native Speakers...Step-by-Step
The aim of The Conversation Kickstarter is to get you speaking your target language within 7 days.
I've written this to enable you replicate exactly what I do when I start to learn a new language. There's no fluff, and it's highly actionable, easy-to-follow material.
You cannot learn to speak a foreign language fluently without actually speaking. Of course, I can't guarantee how long it will take you to become fluent, but with this guide you will start taking action right away. It may be the most important step you ever take.
This guide is for you if...
  • You want to start speaking your target language with native speakers, but don't know how
  • You're committed to becoming fluent and are ready to take the next step
  • You want to know how to find native speakers who are willing to talk to you
  • You want to know the best places, websites and communities to meet people to practise with
  • You want to know how to start talking, even as a beginner
  • You feel nervous or intimidated by speaking with strangers
  • You're worried about making mistakes or looking foolish when you talk to a native speaker
  • You've been learning your target language for a while, but have trouble when it comes to speaking
You Will Learn...
  • Multiple ways to find speaking partners, both online and in your local area, so you have a great selection of people to practise with at all times
  • The ONE online service I recommend that has literally thousands of native speakers looking for language partners, so you can get started right away
  • One simple trick to remove your fears of speaking altogether, so you can say goodbye to feeling nervous and start enjoying using your target language
  • 3 fail-proof formulas to follow for your first speaking session, so you can start improving from the beginning without wasting any time
You'll also get my 7-Day Quickstart Cheatsheet which breaks the whole process down into a few simple steps. This will make finding a conversation partner, and having your first speaking session with a native speaker within a week, more straightforward than ever.

If you've already been learning your target language for a while, I've also included a special bonus chapter on advanced strategies for running language exchanges and making the most out of them.
"Olly is enthusiastic, encouraging and very practical. His practical advice was definitely key, but it's his ability to motivate even serious procrastinators like myself that makes the process a whole lot easier & a lot more fun!" 

- Deirdre Mackintosh, Canada
"There have been so many mornings that I found myself confused as to how to proceed with my study, but your suggestions always put me right on track. I try to apply all of the techniques that you recommend, and I’ve noticed significant gains in my language acquisition."

- Orren Tanabe, Japan
Instant Access
You’ll get instant access to The Conversation Kickstarter guide and 7-Day Quickstart Cheatsheet.
The Conversation Kickstarter
The guide in E-Book format for viewing on any computer or device.
7-Day Quickstart Cheatsheet
Your printable cheetsheet to get you taking action and speaking right away!
BONUS CHAPTER: My advanced strategies for making the most of your language exchange
Over 14 years, I've spent hundreds of hours with dozens of language partners figuring out how to become fluent as quickly as possible by starting to speak in the most effective way possible. I've also spent $1000s on language classes, learning from many teachers with different teaching methods.
It's difficult to place a value on this kind of experience. What it's given me now, above all, is the ability to learn to speak a new language in months rather than years, to start integrating it into my life quickly, and benefit from everything that comes from discovering a new language and culture.
Price today only: $5
I've priced The Conversation Kickstarter at $5, for one very simple reason - it's the price of a latte. This is what it would cost you to have one language exchange in your local cafe.

It's important for me that this guide is affordable for most people, because starting to speak is such a vital part of learning a foreign language. $5 is within the reach of most people, whilst also providing the incentive to actually act on the information within and start speaking today.

For every day that you're not speaking your target language, and doing it in a way that actually benefits you, you're setting yourself back years.

This guide will show you how to avoid the "study trap", start speaking today, and move closer towards speaking fluently without wasting any more time. 
100% iron-clad guarantee
If you're not satisfied with The Conversation Kickstarter for whatever reason, I'll refund your money right away.

No hassle. No questions asked.
Grab Your Copy Now!
Although it may feel like a big step, you know how vital it is for you to start speaking your target language.

Only once you start having regular speaking sessions, and practising what you've learnt with real people, will you start to move closer towards your dream of speaking fluently.

You have nothing to lose, so what are you waiting for?
Price today only: $5
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