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Is The Fear Of Learning Hiragana Holding You Back From Becoming Fluent In Japanese?
If you've got a burning passion to learn Japanese but have found yourself stumped, don't worry. 

You're not alone. 

Many people see the hiragana and think they are the hardest marks they've ever seen. 

But here's the good news. 

They're not hard.

In fact, with the right techniques, you can learn and remember them in 1.5 hours or less. You just need to know how.

And by "remember," we're talking about being able to draw them out, sound them out and do both at the same time.

Truly, it's hard for anyone who knows a small and simple set of closely guarded memory technique to imagine spending more than 1.5 hours flawlessly memorizing a character-set like the hiragana.
A Special Opportunity To Learn Hiragana The Fast Way!
Anthony Metivier has memorized hiragana himself and helped many more do the same. That's why we teamed up to create a special course for you, so you can learn hiragana quickly. 

By watching just 11 videos, you'll discover:

* How to create a well-formed "Memory Palace" that lets you place the sound and shapes of the hiragana in your mind so you can instantly find them any time. 

* How to create endless streams of powerful images you can use to memorize each and every hiragana character fast.

* How to memorize all of the hiragana diacritical marks so you instantly know what changes they make to the sounds.

* The simple way to practice recall so that the characters get into your long term memory fast. No boring flash cards!

Plus, you'll complete a fun exercise that gives you knowledge of Japanese history and geography at the same time. And it's a great way to use the hiragana you'll have memorized in record time so that you can hit the ground running before you've even completed the course!

In addition to the core purpose of the course, you'll also discover how to repeat the process and remember the katakana too. 

Plus, in a special bonus video, you'll be walked through a unique approach that will give you a grip on remembering all the Kanji radicals using four Memory Palaces in total.

But beware!

This Technique Should Only Be Used With Caution!

Because the Kanji Radicals should not be memorized in isolation. You want to memorize them in context using The Big Five of Language Learning

• Memory
• Reading
• Writing
• Listening
• Speaking

Other than that one note of caution, you have no risk when you take this course.


Because it's backed by a no questions asked, 30-day return policy. If for any reason the course isn't for you, you aren't going to try the technique once you've learned, or you suddenly decide you don't like the sound of the instructor's voice ...

No problemo.

Just shoot me a message within 30 days and I'll send back every penny of your investment. It's as simple as that.
Here's What Happened To Sebastián:
"Three years of classes, a bunch of teachers and countless of repetition software was not enough to place neither the hiragana, nor the katakana and much less the Kanji in my head. Anthony's method helped me to truly memorize the hiragana in record time and to witness the power of the art of memory. 

I had a 100% rate of retention after I went through the Memory Palace a couple of times and when I tried to recall the hiragana in order it worked! I think this will be an awesome way to remember my kana and kanji in the future and I look forward to using this technique in other areas such as memorising math, biology terms and chemistry formulas. 

Thanks to Anthony, I now feel capable of tackling the rest of this language head on and feel I can become a polyglot like I've always dreamed to be. I would recommend this course and any of his courses blindly to anyone who wishes to learn in the right way."

- Sebastián Acosta
But I know what you're thinking:

I Get Memory Palace "Theory" - But I Still Don't Have A Clear Idea Of How To Make One!

A lot of people have this issue, and the solution is simple:


Get out of your own way.

Let your mind's eye, a bit of paper and a pencil or pen do all the work.

Here's the memory journal one student used during the course:

In this course, you'll get examples of the Memory Palaces and memorable images successful students use too.

And guess what?

To thank you for registering in the course, you can instantly login and download one last bonus...
The Magnetic Memory Method Memory Palace Power Pack!
With over 30 Memory Palace examples, you'll see how students of the Magnetic Memory Method have created powerful Memory Palaces using:

• Pen
• Pencil
• Crayon
• Photography
• Computer software

... and, of course, the gray matter rolling around between their ears.

What makes this bonus so special is that we have people from ages 6 to 88 represented in this Memory Palace Power Pack.
What Happened To Hideyuki:
"My recall is flawless without using the memory palace for the kanas as well as all the dakutens, handakutens and combination kanas such as びゃ. I can write and text on the Japanese keyboard as well. My only suggestion to others is to remember to practice your recall every month or so just to check your ability to read, write and pronounce.

I've also noticed this technique has improved my overall memory and my time with SRS practices. I no longer use notecards but whenever I need a boost when I'm unsure I pull out one of the apps I use and test myself through it (it helps with reading and recognizing sounds as well).

Thank you Anthony Metivier for this wonderful experience! I genuinely enjoyed it."

- Hideyuki
So if the only thing standing between you and making a successful start with Japanese are these beautiful (but obscure) characters ...

Stop letting them scare you off learning Japanese. Let these simple memory techniques help you forge onward.

Is This Going To Help Every Single Japanese Learner?
No. No one can promise that. 


It's unclear why memory techniques don't gel with some people. Something like 30% of the population just can't pick them up due either to a lack of confidence, aphantasia or some other reason. 

And that's why this course comes with an iron clad, 30-day guarantee. All the risk is on us and anyone can easily just give this unique and powerful technique a try.

A great adventure stands before you now. Once filled with ease, simplicity, fun. When you use the Magnetic Memory Method in language learning, most especially with tough characters like the hiragana, everything becomes like a game.

And that's perfect, because that's all language learning is:

A game.

Here's where to play the most amazing game of memory with the hiragana, starting right now.
Talk soon! :)


Anthony Metivier

P.S. Remember: It's totally up to you. You can dump months of your time into spaced-repetition software and index cards and get tiny results. Or you can buckle down and finally learn to use memory techniques. Sometimes it's with the seemingly hardest and most obscure information that will teach you the most.

P.P.S. It really doesn't take that long. Once you know these memory techniques, you really can memorize some of the toughest information on earth with blazing speeds that will amaze and delight you. 
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