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Learn The Exact Time Management And Productivity System I Used To Learn To Speak Eight Languages
Dear Friend,

My name is Olly Richards.

A few years ago, during a difficult time in my life, I discovered how to double my productivity and learn foreign languages faster than ever before.

Not only that, but this explosion in efficiency left me feeling better, happier, and more productive in my life.

I did it without using the typical advice you read about in time management books (write to-do lists, wake up 1 hour earlier, etc.)

I did it by creating a better ME - focused, efficient, able to enjoy my language studies whilst making rapid progress at the same time.

Best of all, the change was permanent.

Now, with your permission, I want to show YOU how you can use this system to create the life that YOU want, by learning your second language more efficiently, and becoming fluent faster.
I Listened To All The Standard Time Management Advice...
But first, I don't want to make it sound like this was easy for me.

It wasn't.

You see, my biggest problem was managing my time, and knowing how to study language efficiently during the free time I did have.

After all, I wasn't a student any more. I was working full-time and had limited supplies of time and energy to devote to language learning!

So, I spent years reading books on time management, habit building, and productivity. (I must have read them all!)

In some of those books I found useful ideas.

But sometimes, the advice they were giving actually made things worse for me!

"Wake up an hour earlier to make extra time!" - easy to say, but I need my sleep!

"Schedule every minute of study in advance throughout the week!" - sometimes other commitments just get in the way!

"Cut back on your social life and family time!" - no way!

This kind of advice is easy to give, but hard to follow.

Like I said, there were a few useful ideas, but I always felt like there was something missing. An "incomplete" system created by someone who didn't really understand my life and the way I work.

Then, one day, after trying everything under the sun, I had a Eureka moment!

I realised the fatal flaw in everything I'd be doing.

I realised that the secret to effective language learning is NOT the TIME.

It's what you DO with the time.

You know the feeling when you sit down to do 30 minutes of language study, but feel like you've totally wasted your time and not learned anything?

That right there - that’s the problem.

You didn't use the time effectively.

As I started to focus on the WHAT rather than the WHEN, everything began to change.

I discovered that you can make huge gains in your fluency in a foreign language in as little as 15 mins… if you know what you’re doing!
For Example...
Think about the most productive person you know.

They have the same 24 hours you have.

So how come they seem to achieve twice as much as you?

Well, they’re probably good with managing their time… but that's just the start.

They are masters at getting their priorities straight and controling WHAT they do with their time first and foremost.

When they sit down to work or study…it really counts.

And so with languages.

It took me 15 years to learn 8 languages.

But you know what? I could have done it in half the time if I’d known what I know NOW about effective language study.

You see, none of the time management and productivity books I read had anything at all to do with what I care most about: learning to speak a language fluently...
How I Figured Out The Key To Massive Productivity In Language Learning...
It all came to a head when I was trying to learn Cantonese (the language of Hong Kong).

I’d just moved to a new country, was busy working a full-time job, and was even doing a master’s degree at the same time.

Needless to say, I was busy and stressed!

I was committed to learn Cantonese, but really struggled to carve out the time.

Firstly, I was tired after work, and found it hard to focus on language learning.

Competing commitments often prevented me from getting any study done.

I’d start the week with great plans to study every day and improve my Cantonese. But when it came time to sit down… I just didn’t follow through!

Sometimes, I did manage to find the time to study.

But even then, I’d get frustrated, because I didn’t know how to use my time effectively. I had lots of books and materials from the internet, but didn’t know how to use them in the most effective way.

In short… I was wasting my time.

The months started to pass, and my Cantonese didn’t improve.

I began to get more and more frustrated with my progress. Sure, the lack of time made it hard, but it was the fact that I couldn’t focus or study efficiently that really irritated me.

This pattern of ineffective study became a kind of robotic behaviour I couldn’t snap out of.

I wasn’t fulfilling my potential.
I Knew Something Had To Change...
Funnily enough, my breakthrough began when I started the blog you’re reading right now!

Thanks to the connections I made from writing on my blog every week, I became friends with other successful language learners. I began asking them about their time-management techniques, and how they managed to learn lots of language efficiently.

I learnt a lot from well-known polyglots such as Richard Simcott and Alex Rawlings, and began to reflect on how I studied languages myself.

But would you like to know what surprised me the most?

My most surprising discovery was that none of the people I spoke to did anything unique or revolutionary in their language learning.

There were no “hacks” or “shortcuts” the rest of us don’t know about.

They simply focused on the basics.

And they did it consistently.

That’s what I’d been missing!

I’d been looking for shortcuts. But, in fact, I just needed to go back to the fundamentals of language learning that had worked for me in the past...

1. Become super clear about your goals
2. Fit your learning around your lifestyle (not the other way round)
3. Study consistently, until it becomes a habit

So here’s what I did...
I Started From Scratch...
Cantonese is a hard language.

To make matters worse, I was living in the Gulf, with no Cantonese around me!

It wasn’t going to be easy. I was also starting to doubt whether I could do it or not.

But I knew if I wanted to learn to speak, it was time to get serious.

1. Goals: I examined my reasons for learning Cantonese, and decided what I really wanted to achieve in the short term. I stopped thinking: “I want to be learn Cantonese” and switched to: “My goal for the next 2 weeks is to be able to confidently talk about my life and work with a native speaker in Cantonese.” I saw instant results. With a clear, narrow focus, I was able to focus my study on exactly what mattered, and ignore the rest.

2. The One Thing: I had so many Cantonese books and courses, but most of them weren’t going to help me reach my new goals. So instead, I asked myself: “What’s the ONE THING I need to focus on in order to reach my goals quickly?” This was revolutionary! I chose a small number of materials directly relevant to my goals, and stopped wasting my time with everything else. Straight away, I always knew exactly how to use my free time, and stopped wondering: “What should I do now?"

3. Micro habits: The last piece of the puzzle was figuring out how to study consistently, however busy I was or however lazy I was feeling. I had noticed that the hardest thing for me was often getting started. When you’re busy or tired, the thought of sitting down to study for an hour can put you off doing anything! So I started giving myself little 5-minute challenges I could do throughout the day. This made it much easier to get started. And because these challenges were directly linked to my goals, there was no time-wasting. Every minute I spent brought me closer to my goals. Learning languages was now much quicker and easier than before, but best of all, those 5 minutes often turned into 10, 15 or 60-minute session! The secret was just to get started in the first place!

These were the three keys that helped me revolutionise my learning, and finally start to GET STUFF DONE!

Now that I had my time under control, I could start to really focus on the job of actually learning a language.

The best thing of all: language learning stopped being a source of stress!

Not only did I start speaking more fluently in a matter of weeks, but the entire language learning process became fun again, as I watched my progress pick up before my eyes.
How My 15+ Years Of Language Learning (And What I Learned) Can Help YOU Reach Your Language Goals And Create The Life That YOU Want!
Over the next 6 months, I learnt to speak Cantonese… one of the hardest languages in the world. (Have you seen my video updates on YouTube?)

And my results were all thanks to the time management system I discovered.

Now the truth is that time management, and studying languages efficiently, is one of the things A LOT of people find hard.

I’ve seen people waste YEARS, simply by failing to learn how to use their time effectively. In most cases, the sad truth is that people never actually reach their language goals, which is a tragedy.

So I knew right away I wanted to take what I’d learnt, and help others create a similar transformation in their lives.

For a long time, I put it off.

But the trigger for me to finally put it into action came about by accident.

It was during one of the Polyglot Workshops, which are special language training events I run in London with Alex Rawlings and Richard Simcott.
Attendees told us they wanted to learn about time management - so I created a session to teach people everything I’d learnt about efficient language learning.

I wasn’t sure how people would like it, but it proved to be a SMASH HIT!
Of course, not everyone could travel to London for the workshop, so I began to think about how I could make it into a course, so it would be accessible to all.

I thought: “How cool would it be to create a high-quality video programme for people to learn the complete system step-by-step? It could be delivered gradually over a period of 4 weeks, with students implementing it as they go, so that by the end of the course they have already been through the complete transformation, and are guaranteed to be working quickly towards their goals?"
The Proven System To Help You Organize Your Life, Study Like A Pro, And Reach Your Language Goals In Less Time
Time Control is far more than a traditional “time management” course. It works by helping you identify exactly what you want to achieve in your language learning (your "goals”), and then focusing on the ONE THING that will help you reach you goal as quickly as possible.

Rather than “wake up early” or “give up your social life”, you’ll learn to use the study time you already have in the most efficient way possible, so you’re always making progress towards your goals, without wasting time.

The course is delivered over 4 modules, with 1 module released each week. Each module contains 5-7 short video lessons. At the end of each module is a powerful homework task to help you reach your goals in the shortest possible time.

Module 1: Goal Hacking

A clear, effective system for setting goals that make you fluent faster.

This is important so you always know where you’re headed and what you’re aiming for, so you can begin to save time by studying in a way that helps you reach your goals as quickly as possible.

Module 2: The One Thing

How to figure out the ONE THING you can focus on every day that will get you results fast. 

You'll learn to simplify the language learning process, so you can say goodbye to feelings of overwhelm, confusion and stress, and start to enjoy the adventure!

Module 3: Micro-Habits

You don't need to sit down for an hour to study every night.

In this module you'll learn how you can study in tiny amounts of time, however busy you are, whilst making direct progress towards your goals.

These micro habits also motivate you to get started, however lazy you're feeling, as they're based on tiny, easy-to-do activities that get you results. 

Module 4: Making It Happen

This course is all about taking action, and getting results. Module 4 is dedicated to implementing everything you've learnt, so you're guaranteed to start getting results right away.

You'll remove all final obstacles to success, fully implement the system, and create a sustainable language routine that comfortably fits around your lifestyle. 

The Big Question: 
Is This Course Right For You?
By now, you probably know if Time Control sounds like it will help you achieve your language goals.

If it's right for you, that's great!

If not, that's fine too. 

You see, I made Time Control for specific group of people...
  • "I want to travel, live or study abroad. There's lots at stake in my life, and I need to figure out how to learn my target language quickly!"
  • "I need language skills for my work. The problem is I'm very busy, and have little free time."
  • "I'm learning for general interest, but I always waste my time. Whenever I sit down to study, I feel like I get nothing done, and the months are slipping by."
  • "I want to use my new language at home, with family or friends. I'm lucky have people to practise with, but it's actually really hard, and I don't know to make the most of it." 
  • “I’m learning a language for personal development. I'm motivated, but need to know how to become more efficient."
Who This Course Is NOT For...
Time Control can help anyone who is serious about becoming fluent in their target language.

But I don't want you to buy if you are the following type of person...
  • "I'm satisfied with my current progress in my language learning."
  • "I'm looking for a quick fix."
  • "I'm not open to new ways of doing things."
  • "I'm not prepared to work hard to achieve the results I want."
Here's the bottom line: 

If you're happy with your language learning, if you're expecting instant results, or if you're not willing to work hard... Time Control isn't for you.

Here's What's Inside...
Your course is packed with great features to help you learn...
  • Four core modules, with 5-7 high-quality videos in each, so you can learn in online virtual classroom, for effective learning you actually ENJOY.
  • MP3 audio download for everything, so you can listen on the go, continue your learning wherever you are, and make full benefit of the course.
  • Downloadable videos and slides, so you can learn in your own time, on any device, not tied to your desk.
  • So you can quickly review anything from the course without needing to go through lessons from scratch.
  • The Vault - extensive real-life directory examples of using the system to reach goals quickly. With this fantastic resource, you get inspiration from others, always know what to do, never left wondering “what does this mean”.
  • EXCLUSIVE: Live Coaching Interviews, so you can watch me coach real people through the time management process, learn from their challenges.
  • Specific homework tasks at the end of each modules, so you’re held accountable and take action on the lessons. Adopt the system into your life as the course goes, and are guaranteed to control your time and improve your efficiency as you go.
  • Personal replies to your homework from me by email, so you get feedback on your learning and a guaranteed action plan for success.
  • Bite-sized lessons, so you can learn in small sessions, and don’t have to wade through lessons you don’t have time for. Get results from the course, even with little free time.
  • Group comments, so you learn from what others are struggling with, get community feedback and are never alone.
  • Action, not theory. You can implement everything right away, you’ll feel the benefit in your language learning immediately.
So you’re probably wondering how much the course will cost.

But I want to start with a better question: What’s the VALUE of a course like this one?

If you’ve read this far, I know what you really care about is achieving your true potential, and creating a life in which your new language is a central part.

You need to ask yourself what it’s worth to you to stop wasting your time on inefficient study habits that hold you back.

If another year passes, and you still can’t speak your target language the way you want… is that acceptable to you?

I know it’s not for me. Not any more.

Now ask yourself how different your day-to-day life will be when you can sit down and study language, and actually use your study time efficiently.

How much happier will you be when you can eliminate the stress of constantly having to carve out time for study.

Eliminate overwhelm and frustration of sit down to study, but don’t know what to do… start one thing, wonder if right, switch to another…waste time

Eliminate the horrible feeling of make grand plans, buy the books, just don’t follow through and get started.

But more importantly, how will it feel when...
  • Communicate with confidence. With existing friends and friends you have yet to meet. You’ll be able to make a better impression on everyone you meet, and learn from them and their interests. Imagine being able to WOW old friends you’ve lost touch with and didn’t know you spoke their language.
  • Finally be able to communicate with your partner’s family, or even your own extended family, in their own language, without the message getting lost. Imagine the new world that will open up and the sense of pride you’ll feel when you start to get to know them better…in their own language
  • Imagine the possibilities that open around the world, when you speak a second language. Whether you want to study in university abroad, integrate into a foreign society, or even move your family to another country… imagine being able to do that with the confidence that speaking a second language fluently brings?
If this is the success you desire, and the life you want to create, what’s that worth to you in dollars and cents?

So now let’s talk about the price of Time Control.

As a training programme, capable of saving you countless hours, weeks and months, the course is worth thousands of dollars - NO QUESTION.

If I were to coach a student through the process personally, I would charge at least $1,000 for it. Probably more.

But because I’m able to make the course available online, in a home-study format, I can afford to drop the price to a much lower level.

You can enrol in Time Control today for the low investment of $97.

Compared to the high cost of private language tuition, even if you only generate 1 hour per week of more effective language study, this course pays for itself 10x over in a matter of months.

If you’re serious about making your new language a part of your life, Time Control could be the single best investment you ever make (and I think it might be).

I want everyone to experience the success that comes from increased productivity, learning to study a second language effectively, and creating the life you truly want.

And now you can do it, for an affordable price.
100% Money-Back Guarantee
Time Control is covered by my 100% hassle-free, no-questions asked, money-back guarantee.

And this is a full 12-month guarantee.

What this means is you have a whole year to try out Time Control, and if you aren't 100% satisfied with what you learn, all you need to do is email me and ask for a refund. 

It's that simple! I'll happily refund all your money right away.

Why do I offer such a generous guarantee? 

The reason is, quite simply, that I know how effective Time Control is, and how many lives it has already changed.

If you go through the course, I'm confident it will change your life too. If it doesn't, I don't deserve your money.

Sound fair?

WAIT - There's More!
I decided to create some special bonuses for you, which you'll receive FREE when you enrol in Time Control today. 
Bonus 1: How to choose the right language materials
It can be difficult to know which books, courses or websites you should use to learn with. And it’s a big deal - choosing the wrong materials can literally stop you reaching your goals.

This bonus lesson (released in week 2) will show you exactly how I choose materials for the languages I learn. You’ll learn how to pick the right stuff for you, so you can reach your goals more quickly and easily.

Bonus 2: Time management for learning multiple languages
It can be baffling to see how some people manage to learn multiples languages. Just how do they find the time to not only learn a new language, but maintain the ones they already know?

In this bonus class, you’ll learn how to make multiple languages a part of your life, so you can not only add a new language to your CV, but keep it there as you learn the next (and the next).

This is an incredibly valuable addition to Time Control, and will be released in week 3 of the course.
What Others Are Saying...

"This has been life changing for me!"

Olly's course helped me to become laser targeted in my language learning through identifying the "one thing". The one thing simplifies everything.

As a result, I now am able to speak Spanish after being unsuccessful for a number of years. Before I took Olly's course, I had only spoken with someone in Spanish for thirty seconds. Now I am having hour long conversations.

This has not only been live changing for me but literally for other people as I use my Spanish to communicate with Spanish speaking refugees who I work voluntarily with through the Red Cross.

- Robert Brooks, New Zealand

"This course was very successful!"

I took the Time Control Course because I had trouble managing my language learning, which is mostly based on self study. The more time passed, the higher the obstacle seemed and I started to feel discouraged, not really knowing what to start with. 

The one big thing I learned was how to set specific, short term and realistic goals. The course was very successful in allowing me to find focus in what exactly I need to do to achieve my goals. I very quickly managed to achieve the short term goals I set for myself with the help of the study modules, so much so that I forgot to set new ones! 

I suggest anyone looking to create a study plan for themselves or lean to better manage their time take this course.

- Ophélie Quraishi, Canada

"A great, practical course!"

I loved how practical the whole course is! No-nonsense, and easy to implement - unlike other time management trainings!

You know, I was going to skip jotting down my short-term goals while going through Module 1, but I did in the end and it brought about a major "aha" moment for me! I realised I needed to re-focus my studying efforts.  

So thanks for such a great, practical course!

- Anca Andronic, Romania
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When you’re inside the membership area, please begin by watching the first Introduction video, which explains the structure of the course.

Talk soon,


P.S. One more thing... I know you're smart, and if you really want to, you could probably figure out a productivity system that works well for too, and go on to be a successful language learner. 

But when I think about how many years I wasted, and how much blood, sweat and tears it cost me to learn what I know today, I really would rather you don't have to go through all that too. 

So by all means, knuckle down and try to figure out a system that will bring you success on your own. But if you're serious about learning your target language sooner, enjoying the process, and making it a part of your life, I'd love to help you do it. 

We can start today
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