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New Live Language Training:
The 'Now or Never' Language Bootcamp
Finally learn a new language in this difficult time, with an eight-week programme of live training & personal support from the creator of the StoryLearning method
• Learn a new language  •  Give structure to your day  •  Join a support community  

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From: Olly Richards
London, UK
(in self-isolation) 

Dear friend,

The coronavirus crisis has turned the world upside down. It has brought fear and suffering to many.

But this crisis has also given the unexpected gift of time to many people stuck in their homes.

Did you know, the #1 reason people give for never learning the language of their dreams is… "I don’t have time!"

Well, not any more!

In fact, if you’ve been putting off learning a new language… it’s now or never!

Make no mistake - self-isolation will test you like never before. And that means you have an important decision to make right now:

The way you start this period will determine how you spend the next few months...

•  Start with bad habits, and you’ll do nothing but binge on Netflix and eat junk.

•  Start with good habits, and you can turn this crisis into an amazing opportunity to learn, work on yourself, and emerge at the other end happier and healthier than ever.

Here’s the truth:

This difficult period has the potential to be the most powerful learning period of your whole life.

You just have to decide.

I want to help you make the bold decision to not be beaten by this crisis. 

That’s why I’ve decided to do two things:

   • Heavily discount my language programmes
   • Offer a live 8-week language learning coaching programme

Language Course + Live Training... 
For the first time ever!

This live coaching programme is something extra special I’ve never done before...

But these are unusual times -- so I want to lay on something extra special for you. 

In addition to one of my complete language courses (see below), you'll get eight weeks of live training - a total of 16 sessions for all new students: 

•  In these sessions, I’ll teach you my most effective language learning techniques - the same techniques I’ve used to learn 8 languages! 

•  I’ll also show you how you can use these techniques to learn your new language faster

A live training programme like this would normally cost over $500... but you get it free with this package!

There will also be live Q&A, so you can ask me questions about your learning. Plus a dedicated ‘friendship & accountability group’ on Facebook, so you can keep in touch with others in self-isolation around the world.

If you dedicate just 1 hour a day for the next 8 weeks, I’ll help you make the most of this difficult time, and learn a new language!

Together, we’ll turn this difficult period into a productive and empowering one. 

Here's what you'll get in the 'Now or Never' Language Bootcamp:
  • One full Uncovered language course ($297-$397) - learn a new language fast through ‘StoryLearning’ 
  • Eight-week live coaching with Olly Richards ($497) - Learn live & in-person from Olly in your home, with 16 live training sessions (2 per week for 8 weeks). He’ll teach you the learning techniques he’s used to learn 8 languages. 
  • Unlimited Q&A (priceless) - We’ll have regular Q&A sessions along with each live training, so you can ask anything about your learning and won’t get stuck!
  • Recording package of live coaching sessions ($197) - Yours to keep forever, so you can refer back whenever you need
  • Friendship & accountability group (priceless)

    - Dedicated Facebook group for new students, so you can stay connected, share tips & keep your spirits up
    - Daily check-ins (stay accountable & motivated)
    - Meet others in same situation (community)

  • Productivity Secrets (special training) - How to plan your day & be productive from home ($47)

    - Priority training to cope with self-isolation
    - Learn the keystone habits that will keep you productive & sane during self-isolation
    - Printable study planner to help structure your day

This package has a value of total value: $1,138. (My Uncovered courses alone usually cost $297-397.)

But I want to do my bit too, during this difficult time. That’s why I’m even discounting my main courses.

I call it the ‘Now or Never’ Language Bootcamp, and you can enrol in this special for only $197.

(There’s even a payment plan option if you prefer to spread the cost.)

• You'll get instant access to your Uncovered course
• Live training begins on Wednesday April 1st 

Since the live training is... live, and not pre-recorded, we have a firm deadline at midnight on Tuesday 31st March.

Let’s make a success out of the next eight weeks together. 

This is the best way to turn crisis into an opportunity, give structure to your day, come together with others, and give yourself the gift of a new language.

I look forward to welcoming you on the inside!

-- Olly Richards

Sorry, this offer has now expired!

Spanish Uncovered
(plus live training)
French Uncovered
(plus live training)
Italian Uncovered
(plus live training)
Japanese Uncovered
(plus live training)
German Uncovered
(plus live training)
What People Are Saying About Olly's Uncovered Courses...

"This 'Story Learning' method is such an exciting new approach!"

I wish I could have used Olly's Uncovered courses when I was first learning languages. The "Story Learning" method is such an exciting new approach!

-Benny Lewis, Fluent in 3 Months

Let’s make a success out of the next eight weeks together...

See you on the inside!


In case you’re skimming…

The most common excuse for never learning a new language is “I don’t have time!” 

Well, not any more! 

This is a difficult time, but it’s also an incredible opportunity. 

If you don’t make the most of this ‘stay-home’ time to learn a new language… then when?

To support you make a success of this, I’ve created the ‘Now or Never’ Language Bootcamp:

• A big discount on my popular language courses
• A rare 17-part live training programme to learn my best language learning techniques
• A friendship and support community to help you keep spirits and motivation high

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn a new language -- scroll up for more details!

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